Importance of online learning through live lectures

Importance of online learning through live lectures


Have you been a part of live lecture before? Or are you planning to attend one in near future? As the technology is progressing, the education trends are turning towards online education. Online live lectures are becoming one of the essentials components of online content delivery. The setup used for online live lecture is based on traditional educational approach where instructor delivers the lecture using live streaming options like Facebook live, YouTube etc. and the end participants attend it using the shared link using their computers or cell phones. You just need to have an internet connection and a PC/tablet/cellphone.


The importance of online live lectures:
  1. It does not demand you to be physically present at a particular location or city if you are keen on learning something new. You can log in sitting at your place and can gather wholesome of information about the topics you are interested in.
  2. Single lecture can be delivered to millions of end users across the world at a same time which is difficult in traditional approach.
  3. It is a cost effective way of learning as attending or delivering a live lecture does not necessarily require huge investment. So it is a win-win situation for both the learners and instructors.
  4. Those people who are shy to ask questions in front of their classmates in schools and colleges can easily ask and get answers to queries by just typing questions in the comments or the chat window.
  5. The instructor can easily switch to different options like PowerPoint, pdf, white board, show videos etc. which makes the session more interactive.


As a learner how can you make the best use of the live lectures:
  1. Take notes of the lecture.
  2. Get some information beforehand about the topic you are going to attend the lecture on so that it is easy for you understand.
  3. Research about the instructor and their teaching approach.
  4. Make sure to be online 5-10 minutes before time so that you don’t miss out on something important due to technical issues at the last moment.
  5. Make use of the comments section or chat window to ask the queries you have. This will help you to gather information for your tests and exams and keep you on the same lines as the instructor.


Live lecture by Millionlights

Millionlights do organize interactive and engaging live lectures on youtube, jioTv and Millionlights mobile app which are instructed by expert tutors related to their fields. These sessions and webinars are two way communication in which learners can ask their questions and queries to the instructors online during the lecture.


If you haven’t experienced learning online in a Live environment before we would encourage you to take part in one of our upcoming live lectures.


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